There are over 22 million people in the UK aged over 50 and the number is growing rapidly. We make up 38% of the population. We have huge economic leverage, bags of experience and wisdom and, because most of us are no longer bringing up children, more free time in which to enjoy ourselves. We’re going to live longer than any previous generation. The world really IS our oyster

Yet the minute we turn fifty it seems as though society starts treating us differently – and not in a good way. We start getting bombarded by retirement organisations, by companies trying to sell us homes in ‘senior living’ communities, and holidays and activities that our parents, and their parents before them, used to ‘enjoy’. We’re told that we’re part of something dreadful called ‘the aging population’, as though growing older is something to be frowned upon. We’re expected to ‘grow old gracefully’ and to ‘act our age’

Well, for all of you who feel vaguely puzzled to find yourself whatever age you are, while in your mind you’re still a teenager or in your twenties, Never Mind The Bus Pass is for YOU

Age is only a number. It’s attitude that counts. We aim to establish ourselves as THE social network for the over 50s who DON’T want to act their age all the time, who DON’T acknowledge any societal limitations on their lifestyle and who DON’T see their age as a barrier to a fulfilling and fun lifestyle. We want to stay contemporary and be a vital part of society, not some separate and distasteful enclave. We want to be real surfers, not silver surfers!

We believe it’s not important how many years a person has left in their life, but how much life they enjoy during those years

There’s also a serious side to Never Mind. Politicians seemingly get younger by the minute (its difficult to imagine a Prime Minister over 50 ever again) and there’s a danger that they’re increasingly out of sync with our dreams and aspirations. But they can’t ignore the fact there are so many of us. We aim to represent the views of the over 50s wherever and whenever needed

We want YOU to help us by contributing your knowledge, advice and support

Life after 50 – it’s all about ATTITUDE